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    From Rafael Suarez@2:341/14 to Alguien que domine el inglés. on Tue Sep 8 12:10:46 2009
    Hola a todos:

    ¨Podrˇa alguien traducir este artˇculo al ingl‚s y enviarselo a Wardy?

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    The folowing article appeared in "El Pais" in Montevideo Uruguay.

    It deals with the recovery of the wreck of the Admiral Graf Spee which scuttled
    itself in 1939.

    Supposedly by Presidential decree the salvage was stopped (which I would find a

    Can a Spanish knowledgeable person translate this for me please?


    (cut and paste this into 1 URL please)

    I'm not interested in Babelfish-translations so any American reading this, don't even try.

    Thank you.

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